Behind the Weather Forecast - Understanding Meteorology - Thomas Bülow Pedesk

Behind the Weather Forecast - Understanding Meteorology

By Thomas Bülow Pedesk

  • Release Date: 2017-03-30
  • Genre: Science & Nature


The academic focus of Behind the Weather Forecast is on natural science and geography. In the course of the book, the reader will be studying the phenomenon of weather, including how to interpret weather conditions and what weather consists of. Various aspects of the weather, such as high and low pressure, wind and precipitation are presented as well as instruction about how to collect weather data, which will be used to produce a weather forecast. In addition, the differences between climate and weather are explained, and what impact climate zones have for the weather.

The book’s assignments include practical tasks such as analysing a model of a high and low pressure system, creative tasks which involve developing various multimedia productions and finally making presentations of various weather phenomena.

The book is designed to be used in high school, upper secondary school and adult education.