Afraid of the Dark - Tom Henderson

Afraid of the Dark

By Tom Henderson

  • Release Date: 2009-12-01
  • Genre: True Crime
Score: 4
From 10 Ratings


Detroit mortgage broker Mark Unger adored his wife Florence and their two young sons. But after a decade of marriage and increasing financial trouble, Mark's life began to slowly unravel. He became addicted to pain killers and gambling, and ended up spending five months in rehab.

Forced to go back to work, Flo became bitter and resentful of Mark and began to have an affair with one of his friends. When Mark returned home and his disability checks weren't enough to make ends meet Flo filed for divorce.

Panicked by the thought losing her, Mark did everything he could to win Flo back. Even though she resisted his efforts, Flo did agree to a weekend getaway at the family's favorite lakeside resort. But after their first night there, Flo went missing…and the next day her corpse was found floating in the water. Mark claimed that her death was an accident—one that must have happened while he was up at the cottage, putting the kids to sleep. But soon a jury would be convinced of what Flo's friends and family believed to be true: That Flo would never have been alone on the boat dock that night because she was deathly AFRAID OF THE DARK.


  • Afraid of the dark fails to illuminate the real most probable killer, the boyfriend.

    By BADA8JOY9R98
    My knowledge is that Flo was having an affair for over 2 years and was going to leave her husband years earlier following her lover out west. Her lover eventually came back miffed at the fact she was still with her husband. The lover was living at the home of the married couple, knowing that Mark and his wife were going up to the resort, living in the house while having sex behind Marks back, a person who clearly lacks values. I think this lover of Flo is the one who is so emotional that he is living in the same house of her husband and herself. This lover is lying to Mark, having sex with his wife behind Mark's back, waiting 2 years for Flo to join this lover out west and being pissed off about it. It is my opinion that the trip up north to this romantic place was too much for this lover of Flo to hop through yet another hoop. This lover whom felt somewhat jilted, most likely followed Mark and Flo to the cottage, to ensure Flo delivers the "it's over" message without fail. The lover was most likely watching Mark and Flo from a distance. He saw them being intimate, in conversation and when Mark left to go back to the cottage, this cuckold lover observing Flo from afar with no one around, approached her and was over his boiling point of waiting, and caused the death of Flo. Flo acted like most people whom are cheating in a marriage - wanting both worlds. After the cuckold lover caused her death, he traveled as quick as he could to establish an alibi. I am not saying this is certain, but this immoral lover is 100 times more certain than Mark killing his wife. This is why her lover returned from out west. This cuckold lover was emotional, being tired of waiting. This lover was the reason Flo was hesitant of going to the cottage - knowing the pressure being put on her and that her lover would be waiting, but he couldn't wait. He was at the cottage too, in a car. Mark, taking pain killers, enduring pain all day and all that goes into staying at the cottage, probably fell right to sleep being very tired from a long day, just like Mark says. The jury convicted an innocent person because he suffers from pain, a medical condition that is very difficult for non-pain persons to understand or sympathize at all. And the person with the most motive, the cuckold lover was ignored by the courts.